Category Description

The creative collection, tracking and use of multiple sources of data to deliver a strategically and creatively insightful user experience / piece of design / content in a unique and significant way. This may include but is not limited to, nontraditional interfaces, transactional / non-transactional, active / passive user data capture, artificial intelligence, machine learning, social listening / analytics, GPS, internet of things, biometrics etc.


Mandatory: Yes
Required: 1

Media Types Accepted

Media type: Image
File types: jpg, jpeg, png
File size: Up to 5 Mb

  • Dimensions: The longest side of each image should be at least 2400 pixels long. The longest side of each image must be a maximum of 4800 pixels long
  • File Size: Each file must be no larger than 5 MB
  • Format: Each file must be a high-res JPEG, only in RGB color mode